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  • 6 Eye Tests in a Basic Eye Exam
    6 Eye Tests In A Basic Eye Exam You depend on your eyesight for almost every daily activity. It plays a critical role in nearly anything you do. When you receive Read more
  • Computer Vision
    Avoid Computer Vision All of us spend so much time looking at screens in our daily lives that it often affects our vision. Computer vision syndrome is becoming more common in Read more
  • Eye Emergencies: Types, Symptoms, and Prevention
    Eye Emergencies: Types, Symptoms, and Prevention You probably know how to recognize a medical emergency and how to get help. But, eye emergencies are often overlooked and many people don’t know Read more
  • What is considered an Eye Emergency
    What is Considered an Eye Emergency? When there is a serious problem with your eye, it's important to see an optometrist as soon as possible. However, how do you know when Read more
  • Comprehensive Vision Exams: What to Expect
    What To Expect at a Vision Exam At Chico Vision Care Optometry, we provide comprehensive vision exams to everyone who comes to see us. It is important for everyone to make Read more
  • How often should you get a Vision Exam?
    How Often Should You Receive An Eye Exam? Good vision is extremely important but also something that people tend to take for granted. To ensure that your vision is good, it Read more

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