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Many people work at least part of the time on the computer, whether for their jobs or for school or at home. Long hours looking at a screen can cause your eyes to become strained, potentially making blurrier and even resulting in headaches. We at Chico Vision Care Optometry are here to help.

Here’s how you can get treatment for computer vision with our Chico, CA, eye doctor. 

computer vision

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome? 

Computer vision syndrome is a term used to describe a handful of symptoms that people experience when they’re working on the computer for extended periods of time. 

Symptoms usually worsen gradually over time and can include red eyes, headaches, eye irritation, dry eye, and neck pain (usually from poor posture). This condition affects both children and adults. Kids who spend a lot of time in front of tablets, smartphones, and televisions are at an even higher risk. 

Blue Light-Blocking Computer Glasses Protect Your Eyes 

It is believed that blue light from electronic screens is harmful to your eyes with prolonged exposure.  

Computer glasses that are made with blue light-blocking coatings are believed to help reduce or eliminate the amount of blue light that enters the eye, which might make it easier to work on the computer for longer periods without eye strain. 

Even if you don’t need vision correction, wearing blue light-blocking lenses, and using proper work ergonomics, when working on the computer or with another digital screen might have a different of benefits, like: 

  • Improving posture: Proper work ergonomics can reduce your inclination to hunch over or stretch your neck to see the screen, relieving neck strain and promoting good posture. 
  • Reduced glare: Computer glasses may be able to help cut down on glare from all light sources. 
  • Improving work performance: Both prescription and non-prescription lenses can help improve work performance by making it easier for people to see and process information on a digital screen.

Get Eye Care from Our Eye Doctor for Red Eyes, Eye Irritation, and Dry Eye

If you’re struggling with symptoms of computer vision syndrome or just want to protect your eyes from blue light and glare while working, we can help. At Chico Vision Care Optometry in Chico, CA, our team will work with you to create a good pair of computer glasses designed to help relieve your vision problems and make working with screens easy again. 

Call today to book your appointment with our optometrist by dialing (530) 342-9644. 

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