Exclusive Designer Frames

One of the toughest parts about wearing glasses is finding frames you like. The good news is, you can get access to a great selection of exclusive designer eyewear when you get your next pair of glasses from Chico Vision Care Optometry.


What Makes Designer Frames So Special?

Most people who wear glasses have had complaints about the way they look. The thing is it is not easy finding a stylish pair of glasses that you are proud to wear. Many of the cheaper frames on the market have a very unflattering look, and you are not going to want to wear your glasses every day if they look bad.

Designer frames are specifically designed with style in mind, which means you do not have to worry about your glasses being your least favorite accessory. When you shop for exclusive designer frames, you get access to the best-looking frames money can buy.

All the Frames You Love

Shopping for new frames can be a difficult process, especially if you are picky about the shape or style. At Chico Vision Care Optometry, we can help you find the perfect pair of frames for your face. Whether you are looking for something simple and stylish or want an over-the-top fancy pair of glasses, we can help.

Designer frames are also available for sunglasses, which means you can get the stylish look you want in your shades, too. Plus, all our designer frames are made with quality in mind, so they last longer than your average cheap frames.

Eye Exams and Finding the Right Lenses

In addition to making sure you are getting the right frames; you also need to have an eye exam done to make sure you are getting the proper lenses for your eyes. Lenses are the most important part of your glasses, so it is important to talk with an optometrist to figure out what kind of lenses are best for you. In some cases, you might need specialty lenses.

At Chico Vision Care Optometry, we can pair your designer frames with some of the absolute best lenses to make sure you get quality glasses. All you must do is visit us every year for an eye exam, and we can help you take care of the rest.

Call Chico Vision Care Optometry Today!

Taking care of your eyes is important, so you need to make sure you are getting frames you like wearing and lenses that are right for your eyes. If you need a new pair of glasses, schedule an appointment with an optometrist at Chico Vision Care Optometry today.

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